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Tradition and innovation.
GR Sessantatré is the first from the new GR line, a tribute to founder Gianfranco Rizzardi and inspired by the CR line that made the brand famous worldwide.
Its layout evolves from classic to contemporary by uniting aesthetics, functionality, and technology.Stern platform equipped with a tender lift, completely independent VIP cabin aft, large cockpit, and much more.
With shaft-line propulsion, it reaches a top speed of nearly 40 knots with two 1,300 HP MAN engines.
Available in two versions: fully open or with a roll bar and with an electric awning that completely opens or covers in a few seconds.


The boat and all the machinery, equipment, and fittings are built in accordance with the safety rules and regulations established by Directive 2013/53/UE. It will be the responsibility of the Builder to build and deliver a motor yacht with documents and specifications compliant with the current rules and regulations. At the delivery of the boat the Builder will fetch and deliver the following documents and certificates required for the registration and the use of the boat:

• EU type-examination certificate;

• EC declaration of conformity;

• Owner’s Manual;

• Compass error chart.

Any other certification is considered optional and, therefore, will be quoted.

Performance of the boat equipped with MAN V8 1200 hp / 882 kW @ 2300 rpm :

Cruising speed 32 knots

Maximum speed 37 knots

Range at cruising speed 300 NAM

Performance of the boat equipped with MAN V8 1300 hp / 956 kW @ 2300 rpm

Cruising speed 33 knots

Maximum speed 38 knots

Range at cruising speed 300 NAM


The boat is built in three main parts: hull, deck, and superstructure. The boat is built in GRP. The first layers of the hull lamination are made using fiber glass (type E) impregnated with vinyl-ester resin, which grants a high osmosis prevention.

Isophthalic polyester resin, approved by the major Classification Registers, is used for the lamination of the remaining parts. The boat hull structure has a mix of longitudinal and transverse stringers for the bottom and a PVC core sandwich for the sides. Sandwich construction is used for the deck and the superstructure.

All the structural bulkheads are made with PVC core sandwich or marine plywood approved by the Italian Naval Register. The hull bottom is deep V with 13,5° DEADRISE at the stern.


Engines: MAN V8 1200 hp / 882 kW @ 2300 rpm; V 8 cylinder gasoline engines, 16.16 lts, 157 mm stroke, 128 mm bore: ZF: ZF 500- 1A i:1,964;

Engines: MAN V8 1300 hp / 956 kW @ 2300 rpm; V 8 cylinder gasoline engines, 16.16 lts, 157 mm stroke, 128 mm bore, Gears: ZF: ZF 665A i:1,757.

Transmission: Shaft line.

Shaft: MARINOX 17 alloy or equivalent, bearings and pipes in brass alloy, Double O-ring PSS gaskets.

Propellers: In alloy, 4/5 blades, progressive pitch.


Rudders: AISI 316 L brass rudders of a suitable surface for the highest maneuverability.

Brass rudder holes, bars in MARINOX 17 or equivalent.

Brass coupling bars and arms.

Flaps: AISI 316 L stainless steel surface trim tabs are suitable to grant a constant trim.

Bow Thruster: Elettric da 210 kgf a 24Vcc. Stern Thruster: Elettric da 210 kgf a 24Vcc (Opt)


The electrical system is built in accordance with the current legislation. The rated voltages on board are:

• 220 V AC mono-phase, 50 Hz, for motive power circuits.

• 24 V DC for lights, navigation instruments and for small motive power circuits.

• 12 V CC for the generator start-up circuit

All the main system lines are connected to the main electrical panel. The lines are protected by magneto-thermal switches properly sized.

The electric cables are “not propagating the flame and reduced emission of smoke and toxic gases”. FROR cables are used for the 220 V AC section and double isolated cables for the 24 V DC section.

The cross-section of cables is properly sized with respect to the maximum allowed current load.

The electric cables are assembled in self-extinguishing closed PVC.

The ground system consists of a dedicated line that collects the grounds of the water inlets, the supports, and all the 24 V equipment. This line is connected to a zinc anode fitted on the transom.

The engines and electronic control units have a separate ground system connected to a second zinc anode fitted on the transom.

The electrical generator, the electrical panel, and all the 220 V AC utilities are connected to a porous plate.

Integrated monitoring and control system

A section of the system is controlled through an integrated monitoring and control system. The system is controlled with touch screens fitted on the dashboard. All the utilities are protected by virtual magneto-thermal and fuses. Manual control can be operated in case of emergency.

AC Power sources

No. 1 shore power connection 64 Amp, 220 V mono-phase 50 Hz

No. 1 electrical generator 220 V single-phase, 17,5 Kw, 50 Hz is located in the engine room. It’s fitted with a control panel, hour meter, and soundproof cabin.

No. 1 inverter of 1500 W connected to the service batteries will feed onboard entertainment and the cabin sockets.

DC power sources

No. 8 services batteries for a total of 400 Ah-24V;

No. 4 engine batteries for a total of 200 Ah-24V;

No. 1 battery charger 80A-24V charges both battery packs through a current divider. The main battery cut-off switches are operated electrically. The system allows parallel between the engine start batteries and the services batteries;

No. 1 battery of 100 A/h-12V for generator;

No. 1 battery charger 25A-12V for generator’s battery. In case of emergency, the system allows parallel use of the batteries;

No. 1 alternator, installed on the generator, keeps the generator battery charged;

No. 2 alternators, installed on the main engines, charge the engine starter and service batteries.


Dashboard and Roll Bar

• Automatic pilot

• Magnetic compass

• No. 3 12’ Chart plotter

• Nr 1 control keyboard Ray marine RMK-10

• Nr 1 Navionics map + 43XG MEDITER SD/MICRO N°

• VHF with integrated AIS receiver and antenna on the roll bar

• Bow thruster joystick control

• Electronic engine throttle levers

• Engines start panel

• Horn button

• Wiper control

• Searchlight joystick control

• Flaps control

• Digital electronic displays for engine control

• Noise alarm

• n° 2 antenna VHF

Audio/video system 

The integrated audio system includes a main unit installed in the main deck salon that controls the internal and external zones of the main deck, with the possibility of adjusting the volume independently in each area.

There are No.2 speakers in the salon, No. 2 speakers in the fore lounge area, No. 2 speakers, and a subwoofer in the aft cockpit. In each cabin, No.2 speakers are installed and driven by an FM tuner with WiFi/Bluetooth/Airplay capabilities. In crew cabin No. 2, loudspeakers with a radio/CD are installed.

The video system includes a digital terrestrial antenna and a TV in the salon (retractable with rise and fall system) and one in the owner’s cabin.



The bilge system allows pumping from each water-tight compartment of the boat using at least 2 separate systems. The main suction of the bilges, and the outboard discharge, is carried out through submersible electric pumps activated by water level sensors, manual activation is allowed from the dashboard and from the main electrical panel; an electric pump is installed for each watertight compartment. The centralized bilge pump system has a suction box in each watertight compartment, and selection is made through the collector located in the engine room. The bilge alarm system provides, for each compartment, a lower sensor that automatically activates the submersible pump and a second sensor placed in a higher position for a bilge alarm on display at the dashboard. In the engine room, an emergency system is also provided by suction from the engine cooling circuit.


For the protection of the engine room is installed a manual/automatic system. The manual activation of the system is done through a handle located in the cockpit. A temperature sensor in the engine room automatically activates the system. When the system is discharged, a loud and visual alarm is activated. The fire is detected by smoke and temperature detectors, the alarm is displayed by the helm station. The boat is equipped with portable powder extinguishers located according to the Safety Regulations.


The fuel system consists of alloy tanks with a total capacity of 3000 lt.; the system is provided with electric and optic level gauges. Deck fuel fillers are located on each side. All the hoses are certified for fuel use.


Fresh water is supplied to the system by a 650-liter FRP structural tank located in the lower deck. A 24Vcc water pressure pump is located in the engine room. A shortewater connection allows fresh water supply to the system. An electric water heater provides hot water to the system.

One 24V pressure water pump of suitable capacity is located in the engine room.

A shorewater connection allows fresh water supply to the system, using the shorewater system pressure. One 220 V water heater supplying hot water to the whole circuit.


All the drains of the showers, sinks, kitchen, and condensate of the fan-coils are conveyed in a siphoned centralized tube, which in turn conveys the water into the case with a capacity of 170 liters, located under the passenger compartment bilge, with a level switch and electric emptying pump.

The emptying of the gray water box takes place by means of a Vetus electric pump mod. EMP 140 24V is placed in the engine room, with manual control from the dashboard or from the dinette panel. It is possible to use the sewage pump in case of need or failure by maneuvering the bypass and the dedicated valves present in the engine room. The toilet rinsing system is fresh water, Tecma model. The drains are conveyed into the black water box located in the engine room.

The system is made with three-way valves that allow the maintenance of the system and therefore to be used only with the dry boat. The black water box can be emptied by means of a special suction socket from the quay positioned in a dedicated door located on the deck. The emptying of the sewage box also takes place by means of a Vetus electric pump mod. EMP 140 24V is placed in the engine room, with manual control from the dashboard or from the dinette panel.

It is possible to use the gray water pump in case of need or failure by maneuvering the bypass and the dedicated valves present in the engine room. The gray water pump can work in an emergency with the black water pump through the bypass located near the two pumps and described above.

Overflow alarms for black and gray speakers are shown on the dashboard display, where the levels are also present.


The main seawater inlets are in the engine room bilge, located in the engine room, each fitted with an on-off valve and stainless steel filter; they supply the main circuits on board, the engine and reversing gear cooling system, and the generator. The cooling system of each engine is also used to cool the reversing gear, and the Raisers of the exhaust gas; the excess water is discharged overboard.


The exhaust pipes are made of Aisi 316 and are of adequate size to the manufacturer's requirements for the main engines. The main exhaust manifold is connected to the underwater exhaust case in VTR by means of a silicone joint. The case of the underwater discharge in VTR is structurally anchored to the outlet of the discharge on the bottom of the hull. The section relating to the risers of the drains is cooled with seawater.

In the VTR case of the underwater exhaust, a minimum bypass is made to allow the escape of gases when the boat is stationary and at reduced speed. The steel exhaust pipes of the engines are suitably insulated with thermal insulating ceramic material.


The system is of the heat-treated water circulation type. The air conditioning is 36000 BTU, with inverter technology with variable revolutions, and consists of cooling units, treated water recirculation pumps, and seawater located in the engine room. The fan coils, with automatic and independent control and adjustment, are distributed in all the cabins (including the sailor's cabin) and the kitchen/dinette. The system can work as a heat pump.


The wheelhouse is hydraulic and drives two twin rudders by a hydraulic piston, connected by the coupling rod to the bars of the two rudders. The control unit, Twin Disc mod. CO 500/6 24 Vdc or similar, works as a rudder servo, lightening the effort for manual maneuvering and in enslavement to the autopilot when it is in operation.

Another Twin Disc control unit mod. COMY1Q/B or similar controls the operation of the flaps. The stern gangway is managed by a dedicated hydraulic control unit.

All 24 V control units are located in the engine room and are each equipped with its own tank and circuit.


The accesses to the technical rooms are positioned separately in the aft cockpit, they are of the manhole type and sized to meet the provisions of the Naval Register.

The ventilation and extraction of the room are sized according to the requirements of the manufacturer of the main engines. Ventilation is of a forced type; nr 2 fans in input G R ELL / R 355/2 in input, with a G R ELL 250 extractor and a natural duct, designed to ensure the amount of combustion air required by the engines and proper ventilation of the engine apparatus.

The fans and the natural duct are equipped with smoke-cutting shutters with electric actuators for emergency closure. The output flow is conveyed by means of GRP pipelines to the right and left of the ship, respectively.

All ventilation ducts are equipped with water traps.


The engine room is insulated with sound-absorbing and sound-insulating material for perfect soundproofing and perfect heat insulation of the engine room and the surrounding areas.

The main engine mufflers are suitably insulated with heat-insulating material.


The safety equipment is in accordance with current rules and regulations: user manual, lifebuoy with light and floating line, no. 3 rigid inflatable life-raft for a total of 16 people, life jackets, life rafts with line, flares, and smoke-signal kit, first aid box, binoculars, fire-resistant blanket, portable horn, no. 2 mooring line of 15 meters, mooring line of 40 meters, boat hooks, no. 6 cylindrical fenders, no. 2 round fenders, weather station Italian flag, radar reflector.


Stern platform/Cockpit

Teak flooring cockpit and platform; 220V ground socket and dock cable; water intake from the quay; manual bathing ladder; hand shower c / f with mixer; stainless steel and teak telescopic boarding gangway; nr 2 bollards and nr 2 cable glands; tonneggio winch; stainless steel gate; fender locker; life raft locker; sundeck with cushions; "C" shaped sofa with table; side furniture (with refrigerator, sink, shoe rack and trash can); dashboard; dashboard cover (hood); guide seat cabinet with bench; cockpit courtesy lighting; lighting on roll bar; access to the engine room; nr 3 lights underwater under platform (opt); RIZZARDI logo; boarding; rail; aft awning; roll bar (opt); navigation lights; flag-bearer tree/deep light; gps/VHF antennas; trumpet; adjustable headlight; crystal windshield; wiper; detachable sun awning with stainless steel arches that can be moved manually. Zona di ormeggio a prua/Prendisole

Bow locker with 24 V watertight lamp; chain well with table notches; stainless steel muzzle; still 40 kg with galvanized chain 100 mt diameters 10mm; nr 2 mooring bollards and nr 2 cable glands; windlass V.X3 24V; hand shower; freshwater intake; hatch access sailor cabin; bow sun cushions.


All areas have carpet (unless specified otherwise), Venetian blinds, main lighting, and courtesy lighting.

Galley and dinette

Kitchen cabinet with Corian top, fridge, and freezer, nr one stainless steel sinks with mixer, four-burner hob, seat with locker, cabinet with Corian top, portlight.

Owner’s cabin

Matrimonial bed with mattress and bed cover, No. 2 drawer chests, bedside tables, No. 2 wardrobe, table lamps, bulkhead lights, windows, safe, small sofa, No. 2 portlights

Owner’s bathroom

Furniture with sink and mixer, teak floor, toilet paper roll holder/toilet brush holder/ towel rack/clothes holder, mirror, electric WC with integrated bidet. Shower in separate cabin with glass door, mixer, shower head and small shower, teak grating, portlight.

Guest cabin

Beds with mattress and bed cover, bedside table, wardrobe, porthole, bulkhead lights.

Bathroom guest

cabin Furniture with sink and mixer, teak floor, suction system, toilet paper roll holder/toilet brush holder/ towel rack/clothes holder, mirror, electric WC with integrated bidet. Shower in separate cabin with glass door, mixer, shower head and small shower, teak grating.

Vip cabin

Matrimonial bed with mattress and bed cover, chest of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobe, No.2 portholes, bulkhead lights, No. 2 portlights

Vip bathroom

Cabinet with Corian top, washbasin, mixer, parquet floor, roll holder/toilet brush/towel rack/soap holder/toothbrush holder hanger, mirror, toilet with shower.Box doccia con ante in cristallo, miscelatore, soffione e doccino, carabottino in corian, oblò.

Crew cabin

Access staircase, porthole, shower with mixer. Bed with mattress, top with sink, shower plate, toilet paper roll holder/toilet brush holder/ towel rack/clothes holder, mirror, electric WC, mosquito nets, No. 2 portlights.


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

Approximate boat location – Miami, Fl 33133
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