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New Malibu Response TXi Ski and Wakeboard Boat For Sale 6 pictures

Boat Description

2013 Malibu Response TXi
This modern hull tracks on a rail and helps the skier feel connected to the boat at all times. Less than two months after the new Response TXi was released at the 2011 Malibu Open in August, Regina Jaquess set a new womens world record of 2 buoys at 41 off a true testament to the TXis design. She then went on to break her own record two more times, raising the bar to 3 buoys at 41 off.
When you make your edge change behind the TXi, you gain so much free time, Regina said. It helps you swing and really maximize every inch of the course. You are always connected with this boat.
Champions like Will Asher and Thomas Degasperi also train behind the TXi and wouldnt have it any other way. Built on the new T Cut Diamond hull, the TXi is versatile enough to give both professional and recreational skiers the softest wake available. Malibus engineers made it a point to accommodate the slower speeds and longer line lengths for the entire family enjoying a day on the water.
Driver Chad Scott has now towed the current world record for both men and women and knows exactly what he wants out of a towboat for peak slalom performance. The TXi is glued to the water, but you still have the ability to react if you need to. Theres less counter-steering involved compared to other boats because the TXi has no slide, no floating feeling. But its still maneuverable and easy to drive. The TXi is the best boat Ive ever driven.


Approximate boat location: Walloon Lake, Michigan