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Is there a low-cost boat that's perfect for trips with the family, fishing, or entertaining guests? There is! Center console boats are some of the most versatile vessels out there, with a minimalist design that maximizes their potential. If you're looking for a versatile boat that can handle everything on the water, you want to consider this boat style. Keep reading to learn all about center console boats.

Why should you get a center console boat?

If you're looking for a do-it-all kind of boat, look no further than the center console boat. What initially made these boats great for fishing makes them perfect for hosting guests or bringing the whole family along for off-coast adventures.

Center console boats are popular fishing boats because they have limited on-deck seating or upholstery, which means there’s plenty of space for crew members and coolers to keep ice so that the day's catch could stay fresh. You also don't have to worry about seats or carpet getting wet or messy.

If you have a big family or like to take a lot of friends on the water, a center console boat may be perfect for you! These boats have plenty of space for the people in your life and all their things. You can bring the entire family to the local beach, sandbar, or out to see for a fun-packed day on the water. Whether it’s relaxing in an innertube or waterskiing, you can do it all with a center console boat.

The best center console boat brands

Since center consoles are so popular, there are tons of brands to filter through. Here are the most popular center console boat brands.

Boston Whaler

Did you know that you can saw a Boston Whaler in half, and it will still float? It's true! That unsinkable reputation has stayed with the company for decades, making it incredibly popular. Boston Whaler has center consoles available for every price range, from the entry-level Super Sport to the supersized, ultra-luxury Outrage.

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Grady White

If you need a do-it-all fishing boat, you can't go wrong with a Grady White. This manufacturer has been making center console fishing boats for over 60 years and knows what fishermen want and need when they get on the water.

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If you want a flashy, well-known center console brand with a racing history, look no further than Wellcraft. While Wellcraft started in the 1950s as a great hull manufacturer, it's now known as a great all-around boatmaker. If you're looking to go fast in a center console, you have to check out Wellcraft's Scarab line, which was featured as a speedboat on Miami Vice!

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As one of the oldest fishing boat manufacturers, Jupiter builds its boats to last. It's not unusual to see 20-year-old Jupiters for sale on the second-hand market (which is a great way to get a great vessel at a low cost.) Jupiters are well-loved because they have a timeless, classic design that continues to deliver.

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But what about engines?

When you buy a center console boat, you're not just getting a hull; you're also getting at least one engine. Those engines can be more expensive than the entire vessel, so you should know what you're buying!

The most popular boat engines for center console boats are Yamaha and Mercury Marine engines. Boatmakers have relied on these companies for ages to provide high-quality powerplants that stand the test of time.

While you can get a basic Mercury or Yamaha engine, they have some more well-known models you should recognize. These models include the Mercury Verado and the Yamaha XTO Offshore engines. If you get a boat with one of these engine manufacturers, you don't have to worry about them breaking down or failing on you. They're bulletproof and should last the life of your boat.

The boat that's customizable to your interests!

So many people love center console boats because you can truly make them your own. There are countless accessories so that you can add whatever you need to have the perfect boat day.

One of the most common accessories for a center console boat is a T-top. Since base center console boats typically don't have any shade options, most people add a T-top to make driving and hanging out onboard more comfortable. If you need more coverage, you can even get pop-up tents to cover the front of your boat or flexible canvas awnings.

To make your boat more family-friendly, you can start by adding extra seating so that everyone is comfortable on board. You can also add an elevated tow point for tubing, wakeboarding, or even water skiing!

And, if you're looking for a fishing boat, you can pack your center console full of upgrades to make it a lean, mean marine hunting machine. Accessories like live wells, outriggers, and rod holders are easy aftermarket additions for center console boats. They may not make you a better angler, but they will make sure you have a good time when you're out on the water.

The best part about center consoles is how customizable they are. There's nothing better than getting a boat and making it your own.

Are center console boats affordable?

If you're dreaming about your perfect center console boat, you're probably now wondering if you can afford one. The great news is that there's a center console out there for every budget. These vessels range in length from 13 to 50 feet so that you can find something in your price range with ease.

Now, we know that affordability means something different for everyone. So here are a few different ways to think about the cost of a center console boat.

If you're interested in a new center console boat, you can generally get one under 20 feet for about the same cost as a new car payment. A new 19 or 20' Bayliner or Carolina Skiff are great low-cost options for getting out on the water.

If you want something a little bigger, buying a used boat is a great way to keep the price down. You can get an excellent vessel at an affordable cost on the second-hand market.

At we have plenty of new and used boats available so that you can find the right boat for you at the right price. For the same price as a new 19' boat, you can get a well-maintained 23' Fountain or Formula center console with racing engines that would be exhilarating to drive.

Center consoles are some of our favorite boats here at because they're so versatile. We think that there's a perfect center console out there for everyone. Take a look at our inventory, and see for yourself!